Join the Pie Cooperative


The Pie Cooperative is a community of people who value local, seasonal ingredients used by an award-winning baker to make outstanding pies and pastries.

  • Cooperative members have a direct relationship with Lana, who values their feedback.
  • Ingredients are sourced locally to the greatest extent possible and an emphasis is placed on seasonal produce chosen by Lana at the perfect moment for pie baking.
  • The result is pie that tastes great and is made to high standards.  The path from farm to the baker to pie cooperative families is direct and occurs within a matter of hours.

Cooperative members choose either;

  • Full memberships (two deliveries each month @ $56), or
  • 1/2 memberships (one delivery each month @ $28)

Cooperative members get to pick from a select menu developed by Lana.  Pies are baked fresh and delivered to our site, currently in Sherman Hills, where happy cooperative members pick up their pie and often get a treat.  Pie pick-up is a celebration.

Capacity in the pie cooperative is limited for a variety of reasons.  Contact us today if you are interested and we can get you started or place you on the waiting list. Be sure to let us know how you heard about us.

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